Tuesday, April 14, 2020

It's been two months, nine days and a pandemic since you last heard from me

Well, well, well.  A lot has happened in the last two months and 9 days.

I went to NYC with my mom and Emily and Abby and her mom. We did all the things and managed to not get COVID-19.

C and I went to VA and DC with Emily for wine and the SCOTUS. We did not get COVID-19.

My parents are no longer allowed to leave their house or Emily or I will call them and say "ARE YOU SERIOUS?"

I read a young adult series (this has got to be the biggest shocker) and several other books.

The kids' schools have been closed which means we are all relying on my freshman year of college education courses. C and I (mainly him) just discussed if the preposition in Monkey's test as "in" or "in front" or "in front of." He's leaning towards "in front of" for various reasons, I'm leaning towards "in front" because it just sounds right. 

Easter came and went and felt a lot like Christmas morning with the lack of all out church.

Charles and I have prepped the downstairs guest room as a COVID-19 quarantine room.  

Other wise, it's pretty much like summer break, minus the pool, over here.  

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