Wednesday, February 5, 2020

a quick run down

The Elseas are trucking along through 2020.

Monkey had a lovely extended bout of strep.

Dex had a monstrous cold that had him up half a dozen times a night for over a week yelling "Mommy!"

We're still waiting for GMac to come down with something.  Monday I paid the latest Children's Urgent Care bill from Dex breathing issues in December, so we're due for another visit.

C has pink eye.  I diagnosed it from my armchair.

I'm walking away on my new treadmill (outside yesterday! and hopefully today) while C "cycles" on our amazon purchased cheap, 5 year old exerpeutic bike until his newly purchase real indoor cycle arrives.

C and I are also watching our way through The Office (again) and not eating nearly as much (read: any) espresso bellavitano cheese.

We're gearing up for Dex's 2nd birthday, but if you heard him talk, you'd think he was 5.

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