Tuesday, September 10, 2019

not the first post I was planning on instead I tell you I have a bullet journal and am watching Succession

The people have spoken (all five of you) on my instastory poll and requested the blog come back. So here we are.

I plan to share the top three or four (I thought it was four but I can't remember what number four was) books from this summer tomorrow or Thursday. I've written it in my bullet journal (since Monday) so it'll get done. 

Yes, I started a bullet journal. So far I've been decent on keeping it up, but I also started simple.  A monthly calendar (that I drew whopper-jawed thanks to my inability to count); weekly meal plan that can be moved around with post its; weekly goals, prayers, and inspiration; and daily to dos (always exercise, read, and devotions with sections for daily to do lists and gratitude.

It's going to be 90 here all this week. The pool is closed and our baby pool has a hole in it (I think) so we'll be running through the sprinkler.

We've stared watching Succession on HBO. I liken it to Arrested Development but with really rich people. It's getting dark so I'm not wanting to binge it, but I am enjoying it.

That's it for now. Wanted to leave you with an uninteresting post so you know the next can only be better.

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