Monday, October 15, 2018

Monday Morning Musings

Good Morning!

I'll be honest, it feels like mid-morning right now thanks to GMac waking up at 3 a.m. throwing up which is nothing considering he spent Friday night at Childrens' thanks to our very close friend, Croup. I tried to figure out if the two were related, but I quit. We're hoping he'll be on the rebound soon.

Grandma Elsea is here! So everything is already better.

So far this morning aside from cleaning up mucus-y throw up I've: washed two loads of laundry; packed Monkey's lunch and snack; did the dishes; made coffee for C because I dragged him out of bed to be on throw up watch while I pump; got outfits ready for the day; and had a cup of tea.  I'm hoping there's a nap in my future when I get home tonight.

Speaking of naps, I had the best nap yesterday on my old bed at Mom and Dad's.  Maybe I'll try to sneak over there for another.

Now I'm pumping while C sleeps on the chair and GMac snores/wheezes louder than kingdom come.

Happy Monday!

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