Friday, September 21, 2018

I owe you a blog post

GMac is currently watching Stinky & Dirty and the baby is sleeping so I've got about 5 minutes to blog.

The Browns won last night and if you've seen any coverage at all, you'd think they won the Super Bowl.

Did I tell you we got a mocha machine? The sophisticated people call it a Lattissima Pro (I paid less than the sale price), I call it a game changer. I can make mochas that are hands down better than Starbucks (gasp!) every single day   if I want to.  And I do.

On a related note, I'm not losing the baby weight I've been slower to shed. Definitely related to the now glass of milk I have regularly.

Today's the last day of summer so I'm going to force the kids to spend it outside. I'm now that kind of mom. Plus, I just prefer the outside to the inside. We'll do water balloons and probably work on expanding their city.

Much to our surprise, GMac is loving school.  Considering the kid had no desire to go up till the day before "meet the teacher" this is quite the accomplishment.  Yesterday he ran ahead and another mom helped him get his back pack put away because I wasn't fast enough.  It was also his first day wearing a tie to class.  He walked in, put his hand on his chest and proclaimed, "I'm a professional!"

The kid never slows down for me to take a photo.

Monkey is thriving in Kindergarten, but does love her "days off" which the rest of us refer to as the weekend. Yesterday I was able to peek in on her.

GMac rolled off the couch last week (this is the real story, not a made up on to cover something else more embarrassing) while I was trying to get Dex to sleep. The picture is right after the accident, a few days later it was actually much worse.  In related news, I've been nominated for Mother of the Year and will be accepting my award at the end of the month!

We currently have a zoo/police station set up in the playroom (which anyone else would call their dining room).

Dad and Emily to Monkey to her first Blue Jackets game on Monday night.  She loved it and Stringer loved her (he pushed an older lady out of the way so she wasn't in the photo with them). Monkey is signed up for a free hockey class in a few weeks.  Skating experience is recommended, but that's not going to stop her! (except it probably will.)

That's enough of an update for now (plus the baby is waking up).  I promise to have some posts next week. 

Really, I promise!

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