Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What's up, Wednesday?

What we're eating this week. I meal plan for 14-15 days at a time (pay check to pay keeps me from going to the store several times a week), so we're at the end of spaghetti, burgers, sloppy joes, quinoa enchilada bake, and a frozen pizza. I've been making an effort to go through the freezer and use everything up that I forgot I had so next we'll be having something with ground chicken (that is if it's still long goes frozen, ground chicken - still in the original packaging - last?)

What I'm reminiscing about. I've been having dreams that I'm back in college and checking my mail (highlight of my college life!), so I must be reminiscing about my own days back to school.  I'm also missing the days of picking Monkey up from a half day of school (we've been doing full days of school for FIVE days now). 

What I'm loving. I hate to admit it (because Summer is hands down my favorite), but I'm enjoying the back to school routine.  This is probably because it's always a rush to pump and eat and get to the pool before quite time. Now we just eat and I pump and we kill time until it's time to pick up Monkey. 

What we've been up to. Trying to get back in the grove of school (it takes a while). Dex has been introduced to his bouncy seat/play gym thing so he's having a ball. GMac is, knock on ALL THE WOOD, ending the potty training phase. Monkey's in school FULL TIME. 

What I'm dreading. The cooler weather and not being able to be outside. Also, the darker days. It's dark when I wake up to pump and I am not happy about it. 

What I'm working on. Getting the house picked up and organized.  This takes a lot.  We're much better keeping a clean house in the winter because we're not constantly on the go and therefore make more time to pick up before bed. 

What I'm excited about.  Play off baseball!? I hope. 

What I'm watching/reading.  I just finished Bull (I was told the guy looked like C, I disagreed, now I agree).  I read two entire books on vacation and am starting one from the library this week.  I've got 10 or so I want to get through by the end of the year. (Ha! Good luck, Rachel). 

What I'm listening to.  Sports radio. (I did listen to part of a podcast while walking one night three weeks ago). 

What I'm wearing. Dresses to work and gym shorts at home. I MUST fit in to my pre-pregnancy jeans this fall.  

What I'm doing this weekend. B-Day dinner for Mom!  It'll also be the last weekend the pool is open so we hope to swim, swim, swim! 

What I'm looking forward to next month. Going to my first (and last) Indians game of the year. 

What else is new. Not much that I can think of. 

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