Monday, August 27, 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a Sooper Pooper!

It's been a very long time coming, but this weekend GMac pooped in the potty!

No, we're still not completely potty trained and yes, he does start school next week. At least he's supposed to.

Saturday was potty training boot camp  day so we had GMac living life pant-less.  I texted my mom around 5:30 that I didn't think "it would just happen"after an entire day of waiting for #2 (after no #2 on Friday). Not three minutes later did GMac run in the house saying, "I gotta poop!" (We'll work on the manners later).

As promised (6+ months ago) we loaded up the car and went to target to get his "first poopy on the potty" truck (which turned out to be a Paw Patrol Sea Patroller) and a coke slushy (which turned out to be a cherry slushy because all slushies are coke slushies.  As GMac said, "It's my special day!"

We also stopped at Kroger for some milk. GMac wished we would've stopped there first because he'd rather have this tractor.  When I asked where we'd keep it, he said "we have room outside!" Just what we need for our less than quarter of an acre plot of land. 

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