Thursday, July 5, 2018

a little recap

Let's recap the last week and a half, shall we?

C took Monkey to Wyoming to visit her cousins (although, she thought the purpose of the trip was to get her on an airplane...) last week so it was just the boys and me for the week.

Our first stop with GMac was a trip to Build A Bear.

We took walks to search for rocks for our "collection"

As well as walks in the 7:30 p.m. stifling heat.

GMac had some pool days at home and at Valley View.

And Dex took his first (tolerated) dip in the baby pool.

There was also some brotherly love (when GMac wasn't giving Dex sloppy kisses)

Meanwhile in Wyoming (and Colorado)...

Yesterday we walked in the parade (our float looked like something out of the Jonestown Massacre), went to the Upps for a cookout (and swim), and then saw the fireworks from the Carnival parking lot (a perfect distance away from the crowds and smoke). Monkey has worn the same 4th of July outfit for three years now. I'm thinking we can get one more year out of it. Watching the fireworks from the bed of a pick-up truck is a great way to keep the littles contained.  

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