Monday, June 25, 2018

the kids

Here's a one item update on each kid.

Monkey is making huge strides in her swimming as evidenced by the photo of her swimming across the deep end with her floaty.  She'll swim and jump in sans floatie in the three feet like a little fish and when the water is low enough, she'll swim to the four feet ladder.  She went off the diving board twice last week during swim lessons!

GMac is having major scared of the dark issues. He'll usually go to sleep in our bed, be moved to his bed when I go to bed, and then come back in sometime in the night.  He'll also bring a stuffed animal or toy (last night was his force field and cell phone. Any suggestions on the afraid of the dark issue would be greatly appreciated. We keep lights on, but his fear is that it's dark outside.

Dex loves to sit up when you hold him, so yesterday I got out the bumpo.  Dex loved it for the first few minutes, but then got mad that he couldn't reach anything (still trying to get this with his mouth, not his hands).

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