Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekend Rewind

If there are things in this post that don't make sense, I'm going to blame it on my typing position (instead of the normal me just being me).

Let's start with Thursday, because Thursday was Monkey's last day of school and final preschool graduation (she's graduated from preschool three times now). 

(It's no surprise I can't take a photo in focus).  

After her graduation we went to lunch at the OG (her choice) followed by a trip to Target to spend their money from Nancy and Gene (our very generous neighbors who gave them a gift card for putting their newspaper up on their porch a hand full of times.  Monkey chose an Incredibles outfit and GMac chose a few trucks. 

Friday we kicked around the house for a bit. Spent time outside, went on walks, and just hung out with Grandma and Grandpa Elsea. Our awesome neighbors brought over their Barbie Dream House, princess house, and three cars for the kids. They are in heaven.  We capped off the evening with a trip to Gyspie Joes. 

Saturday morning Monkey loaded up with G&G and went back to Missouri for the week.  C headed on a hike and the boy and I invited ourselves to Costco with Mom and Dad.  I am proud to say we are now Costco members and have started buying things that no one really needs. We had lunch at Whole Foods with Emily and headed back to "our city" as GMac likes to call it.  

Then it was time for our first trip of the year to the pool!  It went as most first trips go, with a broken baby pool meaning GMac was limited to the steps of the very cold big pool. 

 I mom so hard when I'm pumping.  Whatever keeps the kids in one place and quiet.

C hit the hay around 9:30 and I stayed up watching Friends until it was time for me to pump (which I fell asleep during - #winning). 

Sunday we went to church, lunch at Chipotle (GMac's choice as we're trying to do one special thing a day this week), and naps. Then set up C's one person tent (he says he wants me to camp with him, but if he really wanted me to camp with him he would've bought a two person tent instead of a one person) and hand burgers and salad for dinner. 

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