Wednesday, June 6, 2018

I was going to make my summer mantra "be present" but I'm thinking I should go with "clean up all the crap"

I get tired of everyone posting their perfect and clean lives and children on social media (I, too, am guilty of pushing the pile of junk out of the way for the perfect (to me) photos).  So in an effort to be more honest with y'all (I don't have many secrets) I'm sharing the state of the first floor as of this morning. 

As evidenced by the photos above, I should be cleaning, but I'm choosing to blog about the mess instead of making it less messy (because let's be honest, there is always some level of mess). 

I've been washing clothes, but I can't seem to fold them.  The photo of the office/quite room doesn't even do justice to the laundry situation as there is a load in the drier (that's been dry since Tuesday night), a basket in the kitchen hall way, and at least three in our bedroom. 

By "cleaning up the crap" I'm also working on a food detox of sorts (can't really do a detox when pumping, I don't think) so I'm super healthy-ing it up and cutting out a lot of dairy (cheese) and breads (but not all) and trying to cut back on mochas. It's hard to be healthy when you're running on low sleep (or so the internet says).

I've also started walking with Mom and Sanderson and biking (wow, that's hard to come back to after almost a year off). 

Here to a clean house and body*! 

**Still not showering regularly. 

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