Monday, May 7, 2018

these are a few of my favorite things

While I'm waiting to pump and feed the baby, here's a list of things have I've been loving lately (since having Dex - that's his blog name.  He's also on twitter.).

Swedish Fish.

Veggie Chips. I click listed veggie sticks for the kids (I can't like those), they were out so they sent veggie chips. Ten cans later (they're like veggie Pringles), we haven't looked back since.

Life Cereal. Thanks for reintroducing me, dad.

Skip-Bo. Still looking for a new game for my phone to keep me company as I sit down to pump for an hour and twenty + minutes every day and can't focus on reading when I'm exhausted.

A bottle warmer.  Took exclusively pumping the third kid to realize we could use one of these.

Modern Family. A lot. I'm on Season 8.  Through Season 7 I've watched 60+ hours of it.  Don't judge.


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