Friday, January 19, 2018

It's Friday, Friday; Gotta get down on Friday; Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend

I tried to upload some snow day pictures for next Wednesday, but am failing. So here are some words instead.

We're baby ready over here (except that we'd like Peaches to cook for several more weeks yet). Everything is out and ready to go.  In fact, today marks one month to go.  I've been nesting much more with this one.  Well, I'd say partially nesting.  I wanted everything down from the attic, but then didn't have any desire to put anything in it's place (we did eventually get it all away).

Potty training is slow going with GMac. He still isn't telling us when he needs to go and is afraid to poop in the potty.  We've made a small stride in the last 24 hours in that when he runs off to poop (we know) we ask him to go poop in the bathroom so at least the location is correct. Yesterday he unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper while in there so I've just been pulling it off the floor as I need it.

I woke up with a blah outlook on the day. At GMac's request, we made cookies, because we didn't have any "tooties" and he really likes them (he hasn't even finished the one I gave him now), so of course as they were cooking they spread ALL over the place. And I know why.  I didn't let the dough cool at the way and defrosted the butter which made it softer than normal.  Maybe I can make up for it at dinner (Paleo Jambalaya anyone?).

I've been working on my piano skills.  Since I can't read the books we have (too difficult), I'm sticking with the hymnal and must say I'm getting quite good (so long as there aren't more than two sharps or one flat AND there is one song I can play both the top and bottom of at the same time).  I expect to be playing in church by the time the baby comes.

Speaking of Peaches, again, I think we've settled on names. We'll share those once Peaches is here.

Happy Friday!

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