Friday, October 20, 2017

Photo dump Phriday

Happy Weekend!

Here are a couple hundred pictures I haven't posted (maybe some have gone to InstraGram, which begs the question, "are you following me on Instagram? because you totally should.")

Everyone knows the best part of the fair is the decommissioned ambulances.
 (GMac's favorite attraction). 

GMac is finally, maybe, old enough to learn how to play Zingo.

Big boys get big boo-boos. 

Some work days we come home and watch truck videos because that's all I have in me. 

Check out those legs on Peaches!

Chicken Rooster Pigeon Roost trip with Grandma and Grandma.

GMac can't be bothered with pictures when he's working on the farm. 

He also can't be bothered with potty training. 

Trying to fit in the cooler was fun for .08 seconds until he realized he couldn't get out. 

Seriously, though, buses and safety vehicles seem to entertain our kids just fine. 
"Take our picture with this bus!"

She's an Elsea alright. 

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