Monday, October 16, 2017

I owe you a blog post

Fist of all, the Indians. I'm slowly getting over it, but I don't want to talk about it.

My dreams this weekend were quite interesting.  On Saturday night I dreamt C was leaving for the Peace Corps.  While we weren't married or dating (which seems to be the case in most of my dreams he appears in), we did have two children with another on the way.  He showed no remorse and off he went. Then last night I ran in the Disney World Marathon.  Good news is I didn't even break a sweat! I'm not sure I finished the race, but what I did complete was easy-peasy.  At the end a friend (who shall remain nameless) gave me the leftovers of a frozen meal that gave her the worst food poisoning she'd ever had.  She told me this story while I was eating the leftovers.

Today marks 22 weeks with Peaches in utero.  Trust me on this, I checked my Sprout app (which is the only way I'm able to track how far along I am).  Someone asked me yesterday how many weeks I was and I had to answer in the form of a question because I wasn't sure, but I did know today my phone would tell me.  Peaches is now moving up a storm in there. Rearranging his or her room or playing with princesses or cars.  C was able to feel some kicks this weekend so that was pretty neat.

I've made two peanut butter based chicken and pasta/rice recipes this year and finally discovered, maybe peanut butter covered carbs are just not our thing.  While the chicken was good, the pasta and rice noodles coated in peanut butter sauce just weren't.

I'm started following Joy Eggerichs on Instagram and is she hysterical.  She's currently living in Paris with her husband, Matt, and cracking me up with all of her adventures.  Today's insta-stories were the best.

That's all the update for now. Maybe next time I'll include pictures (but probably not).

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