Friday, May 5, 2017

Fashion Friday - Get With It, Rachel

If you haven't seen me out in the last few years (since having kids, really), you don't know that I have a limited non-t-shirt wardrobe.  There are several factors to this: 1) I don't get out to shop, 2) my current job does not require me to dress professional, 3) I'm afraid to try new things.

This past weekend when C and I went out and I was determined to replace my date shirt (a gray Old Navy t-shirt) I tried on several dresses and tops and discovered: 1) try as I may, I do not look good in peasant tops, 2) I also do not look good in peasant dresses with elastic at the waist (because I am so short torso-ed, and 3) just need to stick with a classic, preppy style of polo shirts and straight dresses.  Which is how I wound up with this...

So now I'm on the hunt for classic polo shirts. Do they even sell them anymore? Cheaply? 

Also I need new Sperry's so the hunt is on.  Mine are as old as Will and Catherine's marriage (April 29, 2011 to be exact) and are feeling all scaly on the inside. Plus they don't look the greatest for work. I also mowed in them last week (because they are so old) and now they are green (but that didn't stop me from wearing them to work yesterday).  

Happy weekend! 

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