Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Weekend Rewind: Easter Edition

Thanks to a new cold (Monkey is patient zero this time) and the post-Easter/entering very busy work time for C blues, I'm not really feeling the blog, but  the blog must go on.  So here's how our Holy Weekend went down. (Apologies in advances for the blandness or leaving something out.)

Thursday afternoon Monkey woke up with an ear ache. The ear ache went away but the gunky eyes and congestion lingered.  We went to church and headed home to do who knows what (my memory is a bit foggy). 

Friday morning GMac woke up with gunky eyes and congestion.  We went to Good Friday service tat evening and then Gypsy Joe's (at Monkey's request).  GMac may have thrown a fit during the service as he wasn't allowed to stay up on the steps and continue hammering, so we allowed for some extra hammering afterwards. Jesus should be relieved these two weren't in charge of securing him to the cross. He'd be so secure, he'd never get down. 

C and I headed out to do our Easter shopping Saturday morning because there's no time like the last minute.  We also stopped at Lowes to purchase a fertilizer spreader and came home with a few more things including new pendent lamps and Edison bulbs! Seriously, those pendents and bulbs may be the highlight of my weekend.  Goodbye, red globes! 

This is the only picture I have to show for our new lights. 

Saturday evening we had a cookout at my parents (everyone was home this weekend!) with a suprise birthday party for Riley with dog poop cupcakes to boot! If you need a suprise party thrown don't hesitate to contact Monkey.  Once we were all tucked in our beds, GMac's cold revolted and kept C and me up until 3 a.m. followed by another 5 a.m. wake up before the alarms went off around 7 a.m. 

While Sunday morning was off to a rocky start, we couldn't not due church because 1) it was Easter! and 2) C was singing. I should mention here that by this point C and I had both "taken ill" with the new cold as well (and I'm still not over the other one). 

Despite the less than desirable start the Easter Bunny did visit!

GMac still isn't convinced this new big Mickey is his (he thinks it's Issy's big Mickey).

We had a delicious Easter breakfast at church, took family pictures (those will come at a later date), and enjoyed what we could of the service (GMac and I spent the entire service in the narthex as we were not about to take a 2 year old operating on 4 hours of sleep in to church). 

The kids also hunted their eggs before lunch.  Monkey will be the first to tell you she collected 18 while GMac only had 8. 

We hosted Easter lunch (thanks to our new, much bigger house), but I'm sad to say the only picture I have is of the spread. 

After our company (family and Miriam) had left we all napped until 5 p.m. when it was time to wake up for one final Easter egg hunt at Mom and Dads. 

Thanks to a whirlwind week and these colds we were dragging yesterday. 

Hope you guys enjoyed your weekends as well! 

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