Wednesday, January 18, 2017

our last walk to the donut shop (unless we take another one, then it's our second to last walk to the donut shop).

The weather yesterday was a nice little taste of Spring in January.  Thanks to the 65 degree temps we stayed outside until it was dark.

We zoomed home from "Kaffy's", got Monkey's free donut coupon, and headed off to the donut shop for what will probably be our last walk there before we move. Monkey make sure to taking Baby Maya. 

Once we were home we headed to the back yard to play and poop in the clubhouse (ok, maybe that was just GMac). 

The kids also brought out the sand box and managed to keep half of it in the container. 

I realize we're not even a month into winter yet, but boy are we ready for outside time.  But for not we'll take today and knowing that in three weeks we'll be in a house that might be large enough to make us forget we want to be outside, at least for a little while. 

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