Thursday, January 19, 2017

here's where we are lately

Happy Birthday, Mark!

feel like we're in a holding pattern over here.  We haven't really started packing yet, because I felt it was too early...where would be put all the boxes? That changes this weekend as we tackle the garage and attic. I'm jsut counting down the days until we close (15), and can start to move things to the new house (17, but hopefully sooner), and move the big stuff (20), and are completely out of the little house (25?).

We also have C's annual firm dinner this weekend.  Not really a Christmas party, but doesn't matter because it'll be delicious food anyway. I do love some delicious food.

I'm working on two books now.  A "make me smarter" one (My Life In France) and an easy read (A Year of Being Single), but I'm having issues getting in to either of them.

I quit facebook a while back and aside from the very occasional logon I'm not missing it.  That being said, C is back on facebook (as s a networking thing) which reminded him of the greatest interview of all time.

GMac's word of choice is "WHY?" I'm not exaggerating, we hear it a hundred times a day. There are points, especially nearing the dinner hour when we're still waiting on C to get home, that I may or may not issue empty threats about hearing that word one more time.

GMac's phrase of choice is "Oh No!" He'll use it when you tell him it's time for bed, or to do something he doesn't want to do, or when C goes to get him in the morning and he wants me. That's my favorite one.  Not because he prefers me, because I would love him to prefer C at 6:00 in the morning, but because he's so dramatic about it and sometimes will throw himself down on the bed and refuse to get out.

Monkey is chugging along at school (or as she's started to call it, "work").  She's also trying to convince us, on a daily basis, that she too is a Mommy to GMac.  Yeah, no.

Want to feel bad about your baking skills? Watch Kids Baking Championship.  Monkey  loves it and is convinced she'll be on the show when she's five.  So she's been helping me cook for practice.

Apparently the flu is going around which is awesome because I am such an awesome mother that NONE of us got flu shots.  I'm rocking parenthood so hard right now.

And with that being said, I'm off to parent.

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