Tuesday, September 6, 2016

the next one

Seeing as we just refinanced our house (15 year mortages and super-duper low rates for the win!) and won't be moving for a handful-ish of years it seems as good of a time as any to make my wish list for the next house. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy this house, it's perfect-ish for the kids and really is one of the best locations in town. The yard and trees are A+.

C once told me I wasn't being greedy with this list so away I go.

A drive way with attached garage and working door. You don't realize how nice this is until you have kids (which we didn't technically have when we purchased this house). It'd be so nice to load up the car in several trips instead of one trip with two kids and all the bags. I worry that leavign the kids in the car at the curb would warrant a call to CPS.  We may have connections, but still.... 

A clothes line.  Line dried sheets. Enough said. 

Large windows and lots of them. I love natural light and our windows here are a bit small. 

Updated electrical. (Ok we're probably going to get to this while we are still here.) I want to dry my hair while the iron is plugged in or run the microwave and make coffee.  Right now, that's too much to ask. 

Two+ bathrooms.  Two adults and a kid are ok for now, but someday we're going to need another. C has plans for finishing half the basement (and we do have a toilet town there) so that's a plus. 

And there you have it ladies and gents. Any thing I've missed? 

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