Friday, September 2, 2016

Mary, Mary quite contrary, How does your garden grow?

By not watering it or weeding it.,
And not in any form of rows. 

A poem is not a poem unless it rhymes, y'all. 

This year we planted the following:
Yellow Squash
Butternut Squash
Green Beans

I also had Strawberries and Oregano pop up from years past.  And weeds. The weeds and grass are back too!

And here's how they are doing now:

Zucchini - yielded one large zucchini (too large to eat) which GMac threw across the yard and down the slide and had all sorts of fun with and was devastated to see a squirrel eat. 

Yellow Squash - One big and one little. We didn't eat the little in time. This is the first year my squash numbers have been so low. 

Green Beans - These were awesome and would've provided even more meals than we got out of them had we not eaten them straight from the garden. 

Carrots - Planted at Monkey's request even though she doesn't like them. They grew great and would've been your average, large looking carrots had she not been so eager to pull them every day. 

Basil - I purchased a starter plant (instead of seeds) at Lancaster Greenhouse. Definitely doing this again next year. These were great! 

Strawberries - I saw maybe one small strawberry? That's it. 

Oregano - I don't know why I planted this years ago. Wait, yes, I do. I thought it'd be neat to have all these herbs. Then I read that you almost always want to use dried oregano due to the flavor being much more flagrant. Oops. But the sucker continues to grow. I know, I know. I could take the time to dry it and bottle it but let's be real you guys, I can't even get the baby clothes organized from a year and a half ago. 

And last, but certainly not least, but it is the opposite of least, the Butternut Squash (which I grow so that twice a year I can make Grandma's Butternut Squash):

You'll notice but the picture at the beginning of the post that my squash is everywhere. It was planted in the middle of the garden (I don't pay too much attention to the "2 - 3 feet apart" rules and I'm not looking for gardening advice either) and has overtaken the large bush to the left and also now coming out of the bed on the left side. I'm so proud. 

You guys! I have four squashes! 

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