Saturday, August 20, 2016

Weekend Rewine

I'm going to let that typo go because we watched Somm: Into the Bottle this weekend and it was great. 

Friday evening we dropped the Monkey off with my sister for an evening of "boating" (intertubing) in London (yes, they have a lake) followed by a sleepover at Emmy's new house! 

We took GMac to BD's (when all else fails or there are no other good ideas, go to BD's) and Barnes & Noble where he thrived as an only child. 

Once we got back home and had him down we watched some Olympic relays before making popcorn and opening an expensive (to us) bottle of red wine and watching the first half of Somm: Into the Bottle (we're old and can't make it up for an entire movie if we start it after 10 pm). I've never felt so bad about having popcorn and wine (a regular for us).

Saturday morning GMac and I got up early (his idea) and went to Starbucks. No new Starbucks for Life tokens were earned. We had breakfast on the porch and GMac played in the dirt. He also got to drive the "bus!"

I went to the picked over library book sale (I'll be spending $5 next year to be a "friend" and get in early) where I purchased two questionable books for myself, a good one for C, a questionable one for C, two Clifford books for the kids, If Yoj Give A Mouse A Cookie, and some videos for the car. The real takeaway was someone farted at the book sale it and reeked! 

We took GMac to the pool and I stayed a bit longer to read (my fave summer activity). Once Mobkey and Emmy were back in town we crashed dinner with my parents and topped off the evening with "Gipy Joes."  C and I finished Somm: Into the Bottle and hit the hay. The problems with that film is that the next time you go to watch something it's no nearly as good as the last thing you watched. 

Sunday we went to church and then Moneky and I went to the pool (too cool) and the grocery.

When we got back I biked. She skipped her nap and GMac only had one nap. You can imagine how the evening went. We also made runs to Sonic (appetizers, duh) and the donut shop (dessert of choice in the summer. Judge away people. We're soaking up the last days of summer. (I know, we have a month left and even hen still warm temps.) 

We're a few weeks away from the beach which is getting more and more exciting by the day. 

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