Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday is the new hump day.

Tuesday's are the pits for me. The busiest day at work, actually getting the kids put together before we leave the house (love going to Grandma and Grandpa's in our jammies and unfed in the mornings!), and always the mornings when C has his early billing or firm meetings.  Tuesday's are fun! The good news is that after Tuesdays, there are still 4 days in the week.  Really it's just hump day come a day early. Or is Wednesday Hump Day because it's a good thing? If so, Wednesday is my Hump Day.

In related news I've started biking early in the mornings for those days I go to work (and I think I'll make it every weekday morning when Monkey starts back to school).  Up and at'em 45 minutes earlier than I need to be, but it's nice to not have biking hanging over my head in the evenings. Unless I'm really into a book, I can't just grab something a read that early, so I've been watching Parks and Rec. I'm a little bored with it right now and need some comedy suggestions. Nothing too heavy at 6:15 in the morning (or really ever)

I'm thinking about trying veggie or black bean burgers.  The internet isn't helping me find the best brand (and Kroger's doesn't carry too many options). Any suggestions? P.S. I don't like bell peppers.

C's trial was continued, but we had already started Monkey's listening incentive program (which works out anyway as he still has some big stuff on his plate this week and next).  Once she has 10 good listening days and she gets a Wellie Wisher. She's already picked out Ashlyn (the princess), We've got four days in the books (after five days of trying) and six to go.

She's also fully going under water now at the pool, but won't jump in (even where she can touch). We threw caution to the wind last night and offered her the Wellie Wisher tomorrow if she'd jump in. Long story short, we are not going to get one tonight. She was not interested at all. Apparently she'd rather be a super good listener for six more days. 

The pool is now closed in the evenings (ugh to school starting so early now) which means I'm going to have to actually entertain my children. Suggestions please!!! 

Starbucks for Life made a surprise summer appearance! I'm well on my way to getting Starbucks for Life, a Year, a Month, a Week....  Let's face it, I won't win. I probably have all the tokens that aren't rare.  But I still keep playing.  This is why I can never go to a casino.

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