Thursday, August 11, 2016

broken records

My posts are becoming a broken record and it'll stay that way until Monkey goes under water or GMac has more than the 7 words in his vocabulary (he just added "no" and it's the cutest!).

I've made it no secret that we've been spending every last waking minute at the pool.  The days are numbered and there's no better way to wear out my children without having to give them baths (plus they can't mess up the house any more if they aren't there).

Now that the obligatory pool pictures are out of the way:

GMac asked to put on Monkey's robe the other day and loved it.

Sending Daddy silly faces during dinner.

Monkey is becoming a tennis pro of sorts.  She informed C she wants to play tennis when she grows up and has asked to practice every day because "you have to practice every day to be as good as Serena."

She insisted I wear a matching headband the other day and then suggested the next morning that I wear it to work. I politely declined.

 Monkey was a bit of a grouch on Monday. My mom had asked her if she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. While we're not sure about that, she did go to bed on the wrong side.

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