Monday, August 8, 2016

this is my last Monday as a 30-year-old

For some reason Monkey isn't quite excited about my upcoming birthday as she was for hers. Funny how that works. 

Here's a look at our weekend. 

Friday night we went to the pool (for the second time that day). C brought out pizza and my parents and Mark met us there.  Monkey had one bite of pizza, proclaimed she was full, and ran off to the pool. GMac had the pepperoni and cheese off of 6 pieces of pizza, several carrots, and a bag of goldfish. He also tried to climb through the upper deck railing (who wants in on the Gmac's First ER trip pool?).

After dinner, and hearing that C may be living at work for the next two weeks, I went in search of a coke slushy.  All four machines in town were broken (good thinking about calling around first, Rachel!!) so I ended up at Dairy Queen. When I got home Monkey asked for pizza because she was starving (shocker).  She discovered she too loves DQ cupcakes and we spent the evening watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony. 

I'm happy to say I am now excited about the Olympics and enjoy watching any sport. A new favorite is cycling. I feel like I can really relate to these guys now that I am leisurely biking every day. I missed the big accident yesterday (nap time!) but did see Saturday's. 

Saturday morning C headed to work and the kids and I did our usual weekday routine: Monkey and I play while GMac naps, GMac wakes up, we eat an early lunch, spend some time at the pool, go home for naps (sometimes all three of us), prep dinner, and eagerly wait outside for C to get home.  

This time we threw in playing in the inflatable pool and legit baths (something we don't do too much in the summer).

Sunday morning we headed to church and continued the routine (lunch, pool, naps, wait for C).  We also played in the pool again, but this time let the kiddos run naked.  It was all well and good until C noticed poop on the slide (we pulled it over to the pool).  A certain 1-year-old pooped (found that later in the yard) and managed to bring it to the slide and also in the pool.  Ah, parenting. I can now report that the slide and pool are cleaner than they have ever been. 

That about sums it up. I was up at the butt crack of dawn to bike as I'm trying to do it in the morning instead of at night.  Wish me tons and tons of luck and I hope to turn my one day streak into a several day streak. 

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