Thursday, June 16, 2016

pool days

We've got two water bugs over here.

I've taken the kiddos once on my own during the day, but for the most part we've been going in the evenings. Having C there is a huge help with two mobile children. Last year I could just keep GMac in his stroller and he'd be fine. This year, not so much.

Monkey picked up right where she left off last year and then some as she got off the steps in the big pool! It was a blessing in disguise that the baby pool was closed one night last week because she was forced to play on the steps of the big pool and C somehow got her off the bottom step. Way to go, Monkey!

GMac loves the steps of the big pool and loves the baby pool, but has not yet mastered wearing a floaty in the big pool.  He doesn't understand that his legs did to hang there and instead resorts to floating on his back, which he is not a fan of. So in order to stay upright and attached to us, he'll wrap his legs around one of our legs.  We'll have to work on this.

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