Friday, June 17, 2016

a little teeny, tiny, incy, wincy update

Morning glory and hallelujah commanders!

We're a week away from fence installation in the backyard. I'm beginning to realize I'll still have to be right there though as GMac climbs the ladder with ease and then thinks he can climb back down.  But it will be nice for when Monkey's out there as I can stay on the porch. 

I've wanted to repaint our living room, kitchen, and bathroom for a while now.  I'm pretty sure C does not (especially after he helps Emily paint tomorrow).  Before we paint anything we should probably patch our French Country bedroom and make it look like an actual habitable space. So many things to do, so little time so many other things I'm doing instead. 

We've started calling the Pilot the "Bus" as all vehicles GMac sees are buses or in his words "buhs." Every single car we see is a "buh" and they are all pointed out. We even wave goodbye to them. I never thought I'd have enough kids to say "let's get in the bus," but I do. Turns out that number is just two.

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