Tuesday, February 16, 2016

All About GMac

First and foremost, what you need to know about GMac is that he loves to eat. It's his favorite.  He's up every morning between 6:00 and 6:30 and I don't think it's because he's an early rise, but because he's hungry.  It's not unusual for him to eat everything on his plate and then finish what ever Monkey didn't eat (which is most of what we give her).  He likes almost anything. It's such a change from Monkey.

If he's fussy and not hungry, the way to settle him is a bath. He loves the water (I can only imagine what he'll be like at the pool). If he's downstairs and hears the bath water running and can't get up there he'll flip his lid. He's a water bug. While Monkey won't put her face in the water, he welcomes it (probably because he's trying to drink it).

While some kids are mommy's boys or daddy's boy's GMac is Grandpa's boy. The bond between them is real (and probably formed because of food). He pays attention in church and fusses when Grandpa goes out of site. If he's holding him and has to put him down, tears immediately stream. GMac loves his "Papa".

Words are pretty much non-existant. He'll say "baba" (bottle) and "mama" for food.  Other words that have been heard once include (and in this order): "papa" (go figure), "hello", and "yes".

While he's behind were Monkey was in talking at this age, he more than makes up for it on the physcial front. He walk fully walking at 10 months.

He's a sturdy kid and weighed around 24 pounds at his 1 year well visit. He's in 12-18 month clothes and for Christmas this year (at 11 months) wore the 18 month jammies that Monkey wore for the past two Christmases (at 18 and 30 months). It's safe to say those won't fit him next year.

If you can't find him, he's probably climbing in, on, or under something. Through the kitchen chairs, in the kitchen cabinets (with the doors closed), on Monkey's table, under the couch, in the fire place, in baskets - you name it, he's been in it. GMac also likes to show off his strength by carrying whatever he can hold across the room. This would include laptops, buckets of blocks, chairs, books, pots, and pans.

He recently discovered the great outdoors and loves to be out there. He'll look out the door longingly and be livid if Monkey gets to go out and he doesn't. If he brings you his shoes, he wants to go outside. He loves sports and will throw balls, shoot the basketball, and try to "hit" the baseball.

The bathroom is another favorite for this kid.  Things have been put in the toilet and tub. He loves to stand on Monkey's stool to see what's on the counter and really, just in general, loves the bathroom. Gross.

By the noise he makes when you change him, you'd think we never change his diaper. Each time the struggle is real.

GMac is a cuddler. He loves to give kisses and will run across the room to give you a hug.

His inability to sleep past 6:30 a.m. means that he still takes two good naps a day (which is welcome by all).

He idolizes his sister and wants to do whatever she's doing. If she has something, he will rip it from her hands (helps to be stronger than a three and a half year old). If she's in time out, he's running in there to give her a hug and entertain her while she sits there (so much for time out being a punishment).

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