Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Monkey Update

Since I've dropped the ball on milestone posts I thought I'd catch you up on each kiddo.

For starters this kiddo is still a skinny-minnie coming in at a whopping 32 pounds fully clothed (and holding an iPhone). The interest in food is still minimal (with the occasional day or two of her asking to eat all day). Food favorites include pasta, fruit, veggie sticks, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, cheese, and fruit snacks. "Frosted mini wheats with milk in there and a spoon and a bowl" and Starbucks "hot chocolates with my name on there and a straw" are favorites too.  She's still a very good milk drinker as well.

Every day we're more and more convinced she's an old soul in a young body. Constantly worried about things or wanting something from the AARP commercial ("why didn't Santa bring me that?").  She'll cry if she can't have prunes (excuse ME, but Mommy doesn't want a poop explosion at pre-school).

Monkey was made for the outdoors. If the weather is nice enough she'll be on her bike, scooter, or pushing her baby.  If you're lucky her Starbucks/Wendy's is open in the backyard play house. If the weather is above freezing she'll ask if the pool is open. sigh, if only it was. Her other favorite outside activity is running down the street to run up and down her favorite drive way (we have awesome street neighbors).

She's currently into adding (constantly asking what x plus x equals) and color mixing (again, what's this color and this color make).  Subtraction is greek to her, but she's only three after all.

Disney is still going strong here.  We're going when GMac is two and she'll tell you that if she sees you.  While she is very good with numbers, she's not so good with time (we measure everything in "sleeps") so it's quite hard to grasp that Disney World is 12 months away.

If you stop by the house (or see us walking on a nice day) chances are she's not Monkey but Ariel or Minnie Mouse or a Super Hero. She's pretending more than she's herself.

Music. She can't get enough of it.  While she's a fan of the Mother Goose Club and We Sing, she's also a fan of American Top 40 and Princess songs.

Games and puzzles are also a huge hit right now. Zingo, frozen puzzles, Chutes and Ladders, the bug game, the game in the back of her National Geographic Little Kids... we play them all.  ALL THE TIME.

Speaking of nat geo, "When are we going to my zoo?" Probably wasn't great to take her in November as there aren't many great weather days between then and spring. I promise we will make it back. Fortunately Jack Hanna's Into the Wild is tiding us over.

Pre-school is a hit. Enough said.

She's an avid reader. In fact she has a few memorized. As I type this she's "reading" the Day the Crayons Quit. She's doing quite well. The Book With No Pictures is also memorized and recited regularly.  Other favorites are anything princess and number books.  She also loves Curious George, Don't Let the Pigeon books, The Fly, and Little Tree. Needless to say we are filling up the library's reading program cards pretty quickly.

Last but certainly not least, is this girl loves her brother and is a great big sister. She's still asking to hold him (which is hard when he's stronger than her) and wants to know who is watching him when she goes places (school or a solo trip with Mommy and Daddy).

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