Monday, January 11, 2016

stuffs and things

It's been a while since I just threw all my thoughts at you.

It's not news that I didn't win the PowerBall (one word or two?). It is news that I didn't know you had to have cash (not even debit or check) to purchase. Speedway lady was rather nasty. She should've told me before she printed them. I've read the rules online and think I might get a power play with my next ticket.

It's also news that despite my best efforts I did not win Starbucks for Life (or a month, or a week, or a day). I tried so so so very hard. I played/drank mochas like crazy. Nothing. Sigh

When I stopped pumping C suggested that I replace two of my pumps (early morning and late evening) with something for me as I was basically getting two hours of my life back each day. So far this year I've made an effort to read each day. It's uh-mazing.  I'm also "biking" on our new therapeutic excise bike.  Aside from the HUGE seat, it's pretty uh-mazing as well.

C and I are heading to Charleston in a few weeks. I'm super excited to go to the sea turtle hospital (I'll have to remind C of this).  Also needing some hotel recommendation. Any ideas?

Speaking of headed down South, we had winter weather for a solid two days and I'm already missing the 50 degree weather we had three days ago.

You know what's hard?  Ending a blog post.  Maybe I should approach it like they teach you to write a paragraph in school: an opening sentence, three juicy details, and a closing sentence. But what does that closing sentence say when there is no focus to the entire post?

I don't know.

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