Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Sometimes I clean up the background of a pic I'm going to tweet or blog.  But this background was just too big (and let's face it, this is our real life).

Minnie Mouse isn't Minnie Mouse without her jellies and ears. Seriously, she can't be Minnie without them. Even if I tell her Minnie takes her shoes off some times.  Nope. This makes it very hard as she has a propensity to take her shoes off wherever.

Also, she twirled the other day and said "I love this dress! Grandma picked a good one!" (heart melt)

GMac is wearing the Christmas jammies Monkey wore last year (and they may be girl jammies).

Chutes & Ladders, Zingo, and Bug Matching Game are still going strong over here.

Other things this picture tells:
- I don't bother really picking up until after they are in bed - which I am getting really good at doing (at least 5 of the 7 nights a week).
- The stair rail is our coat rack/things to go upstairs holder. I'm pretty sure that C hates this, but hey, at least I get the dishes done everyday.
- I made (most) of the pink quilt on the floor. Mom and I took a glass.  I got the rows together (and maybe some more?) but she finished it for me 11 months later because 1. she's nice like that and 2. she probably got tires of it sitting on her sewing table.  I'm so crafty.

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