Thursday, August 6, 2015

So this is what it's like to be an adult

Apparently, when you turn 30, your birthday requests change.

C asked me the other day what I'd like for my birthday and before I could even respond told me he already knew what he was getting me.

I still obliged and listed the following, which, now that I think about them, seem to revolve around cleaning:

New Keens.  This is my number one request. This is a lot more difficult as it sounds as the shoes I want are no longer in production.  I purchased them 8 years ago and am almost to the point of having a hole in the sole. I will wear them into the ground (just notice they are ripped!), but would like a new pair. I can't even find a picture of them online. So here's a picture of them on my feet.

A deep clean of the house. Like one where you hire a cleaning crew to come clean your entire house. Washthe walls, scrub the floors, etc.

Baseboards. We currently have none as they were removed when we Charles and Mark put the new floor down. We were going to paint them and put them back up but decided just to get new baseboards.  Guess what we haven't done yet?

A good power wash. The exterior of our house is white. It shows the dirt. Enough said.

My computer cleaned up. It runs so slow that I just don't use it.  It just needs to go to Apple and be cleaned up, but I've had to cancel the last two appointments I've made. I blame my lack of blogging on that right there.

The back yard cleaned up. When we purchased our house we purchased a jungle. The three yards (front, back, and way back) were overgrown.  We've got the front yard under control and the back yard partially done, but there is still work to be done. I'd just like someone to come clean the rest out and trim up the overgrowth.

 But all I really want are the Keens.

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