Thursday, May 14, 2015

Some Stuffs

Hello from Cleveland!!

Have you noticed my posts have become more regular? It's like my blog had some Activia. You're welcome for that.

Monkey keeps asking to go to the "hosible" to get a baby Eloise. She's even asking my mom.

Also, she loves playing with her "piggaly pockets" at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

I miss broccoli.  A certain second child of mine seems to be sensitive to it (as most babies are) and gets rather gassy.

Today C and I are in Cleveland to watch the not-so-mighty Indians take on the Cardinals.  It's my first night away from GMac (I have no worries) so I'm hoping for a full night of sleep.  One of the games we'll be sitting in club seats which come with all the food we can eat.  I do like food.

Have you seen Royals on E?  It's good (really, it's bad).  My new Gossip Girl/Hart of Dixie.  I really can't stand the King's brother (not even a little bit), but the Prince and Ophelia make up for it.

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