Monday, May 11, 2015

My Update

My high school alumni page recently asked for updates from all alumni.  They are the usual updates of "I'm married" or "I have kids" or "I work for the Chicago Bears."  That last one is really showing off. 

I too am married with kids, but there's more. So much more. My update is a bit lengthy for facebook so I'm posting it here....

I've developed a love of television. I blame getting married to a law school student who turned into a lawyer. They work a lot.

I also have a very mediocre blog that I am very proud of and average no less than 10 page views a day. After waiting 20ish months since the last ads check (you have to accrue $20ish dollars before they'll cut a check) I recently received another check for ads displayed on my blog.

when in undergrad (ha! not like I have masters classes to compare it to) I received an email informing me I was the Business College Student of the Year.  I never received a certificate so I'm not 100% sure it's true (but I do list it on my resume).

I currently have a penchant for Coke (-a Cola) Speedy Freezes and Hostess cupcakes.  I also have learned to take a princess cup for the Monkey so she can have some of my slushy (go ahead, call CPS) and not commandeer my large 32 ounce cup - that's the smallest Styrofoam cup you can get at Speedway.  Forget the environment, I want my Speedy Freeze to last longer than it would in the plastic cups. Also, I finish the 32 ounces, so there.  Hey, it could be worse.

Rookie of the Year is still my favorite movie of all time.  ALL. TIME.

I'm still doing the same shower routine as I was in high school: wash and rinse hair; apply conditioner; shave arm pits and legs (but only once a week on the legs); wash face and rest of body; rinse conditioner.  I am not showering as regularly as I did in high school because KIDS.

I have switched face cleansers.

I regularly find food on my clothes (and proceed to eat it) when pumping (or whenever, really).

When I'm feeling blue I read my favorited tweets. They're so funny (that's why I favorited them) that they'll always cheer me up.

And last but very certainly not least, the Cherokee Dogwood tree we purchased for the front yard two years ago has died and I'm none too impressed with the "customer service" at Lancaster Greenhouse.

So what's your update?

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