Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Out of the mouth of Monkey

Monkey: "I want lemonade, Mommy."

Me: "Ok, here you go."

Monkey: "I can't like this."

(Because it wasn't freshly squeezed) 


Monkey: "But I WANT to cry!"

C: "Big girls don't cry every time they don't get what they want."


Monkey: "But…but…but…I'm two years old daddy!"


We had a countdown sticker chart for our trip to North Carolina. We left on a Wednesday. The following took place the Saturday before. 

While dancing around the house...

Monkey: "I did it! I did it! We can go now! We can go to Grandma Elsea's!"

She found a sticker and put it on the last day. She gets the concept of the chart, just not the concept of time. 


Me: "Your feet are getting big."

Monkey: "I'm getting new ones, Mama."

Me: "New feet? Why?"

Monkey: "Because everyone gets new feet."

Me: "Do you mean shoes?"

Monkey: "Yes."


Me: "After lunch we'll go to the mall and Meijer's and ride Sandy. Then we'll have quiet time."

Monkey: "Then we can play in my new house. Is that a deal?"

Me: "We can play in your new house after quiet time."

Monkey: "That is not a deal."

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