Monday, April 6, 2015

It's been a while...

I bet you thought we stopped doing weekends, didn't you?

I guess when you're on maternity leave and getting up at 4 am on Saturdays and Sundays you really don't have a weekend. 

Which would make this past weekend our first real weekend since GMac's arrival. 

Friday we painted eggs.  Monkey was in heaven. 

Saturday morning was the first of Monkey's three Easter egg hunts.  This one was at Great Grandpa's. She cleaned up.  At one point we asked her to stop collecting them as she had 20+ eggs in her basket.  Her response was, "I need to get these three." We were a bit embarrassed but then remembered she was in the 2 to 5 age group and one of the youngest in the group, so GO HER! Seriously though, she did get at least 20 eggs while most of the kids had 5 or 6.  Kids from the 6 and up age group were even amazed at her collection. 

  While Monkey was gathering every egg in sight, GMac was visiting the Easter Bunny. 

Monkey also visited the Easter Bunny and was much less impress (but met him so she could get her chocolate bunny treat). 

Saturday evening we went to the Hofbräuhaus in Columbus.  They had a lot of beer there.  I had wine. 

Easter Sunday was great.  Monkey got to sing "Jesus Christ is Risen Today."  

Then it was home to see if the Easter Bunny came to our house.  Pardon the "mess."  At the current moment, this would be considered "tidy"for our house. Yes, the Bumbo is being used as a sock basket. Real life, folks, real life. 

The Easter Bunny was a bit over zealous this year.  He blames in on Target not having a starter wooden train set. 

There was also egg hunting, but more on that later.

After her eggs were gathered and train set played with (and Mommy pumped) we headed over to my parents for lunch and more eggs hunts.  

The only picture I managed to get was of Monkey during her nap.  She didn't want to sleep for fear I was leaving, so I laid there as she fell asleep.  

Once we were all napped we returned home and took a lovely walk. This weather is amazing. 

Then is was the start of baseball season. GMac had to dress for the occasion.  

What you can't see is his gunky, sick eye.  Monkey gave him her cold, but what else can you expect when she shoves her nose in his mouth and proclaims, "He's eating my nose!"

While baseball may have started last night, tonight the 2015 World Champions start their season. Go Tribe!

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