Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Let's Ketchup

It's been a while, huh?

Christmas is just two days away and we're almost ready.  I'm not really feeling Christmas this year (maybe because of Toodles?), but we're ready-ish. Presents have been wrapped. C's Christmas shopping tonight. Santa's elves have one last (large) gift to assemble. Cookies are to be made and decorated (by Monkey) tomorrow.  So we're almost there. Almost.

I can't remember if I told you or not (not that it matters), but I ended up giving C his big Christmas gift a few weeks ago because he was all set to go to Best Buy to buy a longer internet cord for the dvd player so he could finish Breaking Bad on Netflix (our downstairs dvd player is from the stone age and doesn't do wifi). I didn't want him to waste $10 (?) on a longer cord to use for a few weeks so instead I ran (ha!) upstairs, threw his apple t.v. in the closest bag I could find (Victoria's Secret free panty bag - I have tons of them) and ran (ha! - again) back down stairs proclaiming "Merry Christmas!"

So that was that and left me with zero presents for him.  I did find three more things (one of which was on the wrong table at TJ Maxx) so he'll have something under the tree.  Monkey will be pleased as she keeps asking if Daddy wants a present for Christmas. 

I'm on a Candy Crush kick. Like bad.  I'm going to need a mindless game to keep me occupied during morning, afternoon, evening, and late night feedings.  Any ideas?

Last night Monkey informed us that she doesn't like her house (something she's been telling us a lot lately).  When asked whose house she did like she replied, "Grandma and Grandpas" and when followed up with "why don't you like our house?" she replied, "it's too small for me."  Thanks alot, kid. We bought the house for the block it was on, not the size.

I have decided that I need a fitbit or Up24 in my life.  I have also decided that C needs one too.  Wouldn't we be so cute wearing our matching fitbits?

I have a healthy crush on Kevin Love. I'm not a fan on people with beards unless their name is Kevin Love. He does beards right. I say "healthy" crush because I'm not dreaming of K Love all day, I just can't stop looking at him when I see his picture.

That beard.

I tried to pull a nice little Christmas prank on C today by turning his car into Rudolph.  I would've totally gotten away with it had the new law clerk not said, "I saw some pregnant lady do it." I had been planning this for weeks. Sigh.

I know some of you keep checking your mailboxs for the Elsea Christmas card.  You'll have to wait a bit longer as we're combining our Christmas and baby announcement card this year.

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