Monday, December 8, 2014

by the numbers

3 - colds I've had this fall.

4.5 - more weeks until Baby Toodles projected arrival.

1 -  Christmas presents I've purchased for C.

1 - Christmas presents I've already given C...

0 - Christmas presents left to give to C.

8 - meals I plan to make and freeze pre-Baby Toodles (veggie soup, baked ziti, chicken wild rice soup, and one more casserole)

1 - girl ready to be a big sister.

1 - big sister hospital tour high jacked by Monkey who decided instead to show around the tour guide.

8 - loads of laundry folded last night.

1 - back ache that is finally better (originated from stress and exasperated by folding laundry and the like).

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