Monday, October 6, 2014

Let's talk about the weekend.

Happy Monday! Blah.

C was able to come home early on Friday (because he was sick) so we had an extended weekend.  After family nap time in the afternoon I went to get new windshield wipers for C's car (you know you have a problem when you can hear the guy at Advanced Autoparts gasp at the state of your windshield wipers from the other side of the door) along with a coke slushy (because I can) and HoHos (again, because I can).  It was game one of the NLDS for the Cardinals, so we dinned on gourmet Tombstone Pizza picnic style.

Monkey offered up scrambled resurrection eggs, but we politely declined. 

After a Cardinals victor we called it a night.

Saturday morning we had cinnamon rolls (Monkey had been waiting all week for them) and made a trip to the apple orchard for some apples, apple cider, and kettle corn.  Despite her best efforts, we were able to keep Monkey from biting every single apple in reach.  Kuddos to Ochs' for having free apples for hungry kiddos.

I turned our half of a peck of apples into apple sauce while we watched the Buckeyes.  Then it was family nap time again before going out for Emily's birthday.

Sorry for being cropped out, Emily.  This is how mom sent it...

Notice Monkey has put her arms around our shoulders. 
2 going on 22.
Once we were home we watched the Cardinals lose (along with a 18 inning Nationals/Giants game) and called it a night.
After church, McDonald's, and naps on Sunday we cleaned the house (gotta get ready for Nama Elsea!) and made a quick grocery run. 
In the evening we introduced Monkey to the idea of moving into a new room. The room hasn't been converted into a two year old's room (it's still C's "office"). When we first mentioned that it would become Monkey's room she was very hesitant and pointed back to her room and crib.  But once that girl got on the big bed, she realized it was something she could get used to pretty quickly. 
She laid on the bed an asked that I turn off the lights.  Once the lights were off she'd ask me to turn them back on and sit up saying "It's Coronation Day!"  We're sorta into Frozen right now (just a tad bit late).  I think she'll be just fine.
We're thinking some paint on the wall, princess sheets, and a new bedspread/curtains/dust ruffle from Nama Davidson and she'll be good to go. Here's to wishful thinking.

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