Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday!

Saturday's post provided you with an idea of our weekend, but here are the deets.

C worked late Friday evening so the Monkey and I crashed Na-ma and Gampa's dinner with Great Grandpa (fancy date night at the ALF). After dinner we dropped a mocha off to C and checked on the big trucks on Main Street.  Sadly they were not there and were not responding to Monkey's calls of "Big Trucks, where are you?" Once Ainsley was in bed, I cleaned up a bit and started watching Scandal.


I feel betrayed.

I was up until 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning watching the first six episodes.

Saturday morning C and I had a church meeting so Monkey got to hang out with Na-ma, Riley, and Katie.  After a late lunch, C took a nap, while the Monkey did not (because she pooped her pants and no one sleeps well in poopy pants). So we let Daddy sleep.  Monkey caught up on some Clifford while Mommy drew a pretty picture.

After C was up we packed up the car and went up to Pickerington for dinner and a stop at Barnes and Noble were Monkey had her first real public meltdown (yay!) because she couldn't build with the duplos (partially due to the 16 year old girls who were hogging the table and partially due to the fact that we were leaving). I'm please to say we made it 21 1/2 months before having a melt down in the store (it wasn't a major melt down...there was no wailing about on the floor, just crying so loud that Daddy could hear here from the other side of the store).  You may want to sit down for this next part...C bought a book...shocker, I know.  And I found a loverly tea infuser mug for the 2 ounces of Peace blend looseleaf tea I recently purchased. Monkey fell asleep on the way home and went straight to bed. But just for a little while as she was up talking 30 minutes later. So she had a nice glass of milk while we read stories in her room (note to self: read more stories in her room, it's a lovely place).

Then I watched 5 episodes of Scandal.

Sunday morning Monkey and I stopped at Kroger for donuts and went to church (C got a bit of shut eye and went back to work).  Monkey got to go to the big kids adult Sunday School class and have breakfast.

She took a nice afternoon nap while I watched more Scandal. Then we packed up shop and went to Daddy's office to play with another little girl who was hanging out there for the day. Monkey enjoyed a 2 star meal of mac and cheese in the conference room.

We had dinner at my parents house (Monkey had peas) and went to Baltimore with Grandma for some yum-yums.

Then I watched more Scandal.

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