Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Scandal: An Update or C didn't like Scandal. Something about it being rediculous.

C's back in the house. Not that he was thrown out. He was just working late nights. So last night my Scandal marathon was abruptly halted. I was averaging 6 episodes a night, watching two or three in the living room and then another two or three in bed.  I'm going through withdrawal.

Also, I'm rooting for Olivia and Fitz. What's wrong with me?

BUT I did get one episode in and he "watched" it as well (while reading) and couldn't help but interject about the ridiculousness of it all. I took it in stride though because this is the guy who loved Lost (a modern day Gilligan's Island that jumped the shark before the first episode).

To be fair it wasn't that great of an episode. Stupid Mellie. But how awesome is the name Bellamy Young? I want to name our next child Bellamy.

So now I'll be watching it in the bedroom.

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