Thursday, April 24, 2014

Name That Flower!!

Welcome to our first installment of Name That Flower!!

As you know, the previous previous homeowner planted everything under the sun in our back yard and the previous homeowner did not to maintain it.  So everything is over grown and we've been working on it for two years now.  I'm happy to say the front yard is done (minus some seeding) and the backyard is halfway done. Beyond the back yard fence is the area near the alley which is covered in rocks, yet still has landscaping.  I've identified daffodils and baby hyacinths, but am having trouble identifying this beauty (or weed? but I'm hoping it's not a weed because it's so purdy). I thought it was a daffodil due to the thin stems and leaves, but then it bloomed and sorta looks and smells like a lily. Any ideas?

From this picture you will notice:

:: Just like any self respecting 28 year old, I regularly wear my Indians bracelet.
:: I realize there is a tulip (that Monkey picked from the local bank) and a daffodil (that a neighbor gave her) also in the vase cup.
:: Progress is being made on the back yard...needs seeded.
:: My farm is ready for some plants!! (But I've been told to wait until after May 15th - Meanwhile, I'm slowly killing the plants inside that I pre-planted.)
:: I love Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products.

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