Monday, April 21, 2014

A pictureless Weekend Rewind (because my computer is not behaving)

Happy Easter Monday! (is that what today is called?)

We had a great weekend (except for C who has a cold). I have all of these pictures to share with you, but my computer is being a butt so I'm sensing a Wordless Wednesday in near future.

Friday afternoon we came home to find a box from Na-ma Elsea containing Daddy's Easter basket for Monkey to use. She was thrilled.

That evening we went to church and had dinner at my parents house (Mark and his girlfriend cooked) and went home to bed.

Saturday morning we met the family at Tim Horton's (it's what we do when people come home).  While C stood in line for coffee I shouted to him that I wanted Starbucks.  He decided he wanted some too so he left the line.  There are no words for my words.

I ran some errands that afternoon (Easter breakfast prep, shoe shopping, tissue buying, etc) and we spent some time outside.  We also dyed and painted Easter eggs (pictures coming...) for the Easter Bunny.

After the Monkey was in bed the Easter Bunny stopped by the house leaving some goodies...but no Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs because she failed this year (sorry, C).

I was at church bright and early on Sunday morning to prep for the Easter Breakfast.  The Monkey looked beautiful in her dress (Daddy did a great job getting her ready) and church was great. 

We headed home to see what the Easter Bunny had brought and to have a quick Easter egg hunt as someone was begging to take a nap. After everyone was awake (and my Easter lunch contributions were finished) we headed over to my parents for lunch and another egg/basket hunt.

We capped off the weekend with a wagon ride around the neighborhood.  Monkey may not like riding in her stroller during walks, but she's a huge fan of the wagon and Mickey Mouse was able to go on this trip too!

So that was our Easter.  Monkey loved it and C was sick.

I promise to post the pictures later this week.

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