Monday, March 3, 2014

She's not a baby any more (sad face)

We did things this weekend... AHA Children's Museum and Mardi Gras in Nelsonville. But they are all worthy of their own posts (and will be posted, I promise).

What's really news worthy is that the Monkey has transitioned (with no push back) to drinking her milk from sippy cups (which she has been using for water and juice for a while now).

It was a task that I was dreading as she's been on a bottle since day 3.   We've tried in the past, only to have her hand the sippy cup of milk back while asking for a bottle because milk had no place being in a sippy cup.

But we got home from the store on Friday and upon seeing me carry in the gallon of milk she asked for some.  So, since it wasn't normally a time she has milk, I gave her some in a sippy cup and it went splendidly.

So we're done with these.

And on to these.

Now to get rid of that pacifier...

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