Tuesday, March 4, 2014

a new do

You know what I’m really bad at? Like super-d-duper bad at?

Regularly getting my hair cut.

I seem to only go when I want it colored/highlighted or when I feel like I look horribly frizzy.  You know what avoids the crappy dead ends look?

Getting your hair cut regularly.  Yet I can’t seem to do it. I usually go 3-4 months (I know, it’s sad) instead of every 8 weeks).  But all that changes this Friday. Then the haircut clock resets and I won’t be due until June.
I'm also getting new glasses soon.  They will completely transform my glasses look as I got my current pair when I was in highschool.  I will be a new me.

 In other news, it’s warming up in our neck of the woods and by “warming up” I mean we’ll be near average temperatures.  So that’s something to be glad about.

Also, my computer, George, is running out of storage.  He current has enough room to store a paper clip. I’m C’s working on cleaning him up so that I can download more pictures and do computer-y stuff.

Did anyone else read the story about how it may be better to condition your hair before you wash it?  Thoughts?  I'd like to try it but have a very strict shower routine and this would complete upend it. 

C hates mustard. Refuses to eat it or be near it. I made sloppy joes Sunday night. They had mustard in them. C ate the sloppy joes. C ate mustard. I win.

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