Monday, February 24, 2014

Come soon, Spring, come soon.

In no particular order, here's our weekend.

:: Monkey caught a cold. Snot. Lots of snot. 

:: Spent time outside pushing Monkey's baby up and down the block and kneeling down to take "breeks".  Also introduced her to sidewalk chalk and she re-discovered the dogs next door.  She's in love (again).

:: Churched.  Monkey was difficult the entire service because 1) she's sick and 2) she couldn't go see Gam-pa (this is becoming a trend). 

:: Watched Zero Dark Thirty because apparently I told C I'd watch it with him and to not watch it without me.  (Do not remember that part of the conversation.)  Constantly confused it with Homeland and wondered when Carrie would come in and if Saul would do Osama bin Laden's burial at sea. 

:: Grilled chicken last night.  Again, come soon Spring, come soon!

:: Didn't want the Olympics because like I said on Friday, they stink this year. 

:: Went to the grocery and came in under budget.  Score. 

:: Counted down the days to the first Spring Training game.  Now at TWO

:: Prepped dinner for tonight because I am on a roll. 

:: Went to the eye doctor.  Got new glasses for the first time since high school (hint: I graduated in 2004...). 

:: Ran my last Couch to 5k because I'm trying something else now.  Jogging. Just jogging for as long as I can go.  I think that'll work better. 

:: Organized Monkey's bed room and finally put away clothes that do not fit her anymore.  

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