Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rachel Says.

Another glance at what C has to deal with on a daily basis...

Setting - After arriving back home with the HUGE balloon (for the Monkey) from the car dealership, C and I have a contest to see who can dribble the ballon the longest without it floating above our heads.  C says he can hold is breath longer than I can dribble the balloon without it floating away. C loses because he laughed while I was dribbling the balloon. 

C: "Do you know how hard it is to try not to laugh when you're holding your breath?

Me: "Yes, I do it every day."


Setting - Lunch at my parents with my mom, dad, Emily, Uncle Wayne, and C.

Me: I'd like to watch Modern Family tonight, but I know C will want to watch JFK coverage since it's the 50th anniversary.

C: Um, that was yesterday.

Me: Well, today is the 50th anniversary of him being deceased for a full day. Like the first full day of fall.

That explains why there were lots of t.v. shows on Friday about JFK and why I could only find one on Saturday about Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Saturday Afternoon
Setting - Seriously negotiating what we'd pay for the Volvo.

Cleve (real name of the salesman) - What do you what to walk out of hear paying?

C: We can't go above...

Me: Look at that cute mini grocery cart!

Saturday Evening
Setting - Easton while trying to decide if there was a movie C wanted to see. 

C: I'd like to see Captain Phillips.

Me: What's that about.

C: It's about a guy who is captured by Somali pirates and rescued by seals.

Insert my SHOCKED face.

C: Navy seals, not actual seals.

Needless to say, I was not nearly as interested in seeing the movie having found out that Captain Phillips wasn't rescued by a pod of seals. 

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