Monday, November 25, 2013

FIVE days until we can listen to Christmas music!

Hi y'all (I yearn to be in the South). First off, I'm excited for the three day work week. Second off, come back tomorrow. The post is a doozy. But before we get to the doozy, here's how we spent our weekend.

We've been kicking around replacing the Jeep for several months now (while we love getting 15 miles to the gallon on the highway, the seat warmers just weren't cutting it for us) so Friday afternoon we headed up to Columbus to look at a 2012 Camry.  While that didn't really work out we did go to Piada, got the Monkey a big girl car seat, and also watched Modern Family. 

Oh, but the dealership staff was awesome to the Monkey and gave her her first blowup guitar and a balloon the size of Texas (I'm guessing they only have the size that they put out on the cars so you can see them from the interstate). 

Saturday was C's birthday! One more year before he's the big three-oh. We had a chocolate chocolate butter braid for breakfast and then I walked in the Christmas parade because I had a dvd to return to the library and the library was on the parade route. It was pretty chilly so C stayed home with the Monkey.

We had lunch at my parents house, saw family who was in town (yay!), and then left the Monkey so we could do some more car shopping and grab dinner.  

I had gotten my blood pressure checked one day at work and got a gift card of my choice so I chose McCormick and Schmick's so we could go there for C's birthday dinner. After dinner (where I made seal noises, more on that tomorrow) we walked down to Barnes and Noble (C chose being in Barnes and Noble over a movie).  While at B&N we found a few things: a book for the Monkey, a book for C, and a 1,000 piece puzzle (because C is now old).  The puzzle will be quite the challenge as I do not remember ever completing one that was more than 24 pieces. We plan on starting it just as soon as we clear off the dining room table. I'll keep you updated on our progress (of clearing off the dining room table).

To top off the lovely evening, we walked out of B&N to find snow softly falling. It was the best birthday I could have asked for for C (who doesn't like snow). 

Sunday morning we went to church (Monkey was looking particularly cute in her gingerbread girl dress) and then grabbed a quite bite to eat on our way back to the dealer as we decided to buy a car. 

I'm going to tell you now, I have monster negotiating skills.  Not only was I able to get the salesman to come down in price, but I also got him to throw in the mini grocery cart on his desk - can't wait to put it on my desk at work and fill it with Runts! (get it?) - but I also got him to throw in a BIG car bow (which we forgot to get on our way out but C promised to get next week when he takes the car in to get  touched up - he promised). 

I had a few moments of sadness when I turned over my jeep key (remember, I do not let things go easily) and got my new one...

I'm including a picture so that you know what to look for when driving in town (I like to wave at everyone I know!). 

I'd like to include a HUGE shout out to my family for watching the Monkey this weekend while we looked for a new car. 

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