Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pipestone in Pictures

We're back!

Sorry I didn't tell you we were heading out of town, but I was worried someone would break into our house and match all of the socks laying on the living room floor.  Good news, they are still there.

I took last week off from blogging just because.

We headed to Pipestone bright and early dark Friday morning. Here's our weekend in pictures.

Up and at 'em early to go to Pipestone. Some of us got to wear our pajamas on the first flight. 

Resting up for her busy weekend with her cousins. 

Snow seen on the flight in. Also, lots of flat land and no malls.

Apparently Sioux Falls/Pipestone are big pheasant hunting areas.  

When we were leaving yesterday morning I mentioned to C that it looked like a band was on our flight to Detroit because they were loading keyboards on the plane. 

The keyboard were guns.

I'm a big city girl. 

 Story time with Grandma.

 Pool time in the lukewarm hot tub. The monkey was in heaven. 

First cousin bath!

Daniel, or "baby" as Monkey calls him, the star of the weekend. 

Kisses for the baby. 

This girl really loves babies. Except for when Mommy is holding them. Then she's not a big fan.

 Monkey allows duets with Grandma, not with Daddy. 

 Bedtime stories. 

Some cop, probably the only one in Pipestone, meeting his monthly quote of, I'm guessing, one ticket. 

 C doing his god-fatherly things during Daniel's public recognition at church. 

So sad she couldn't swim due to a monster diaper rash (go mommy and daddy for letting that happen).
While we set up dinner, she watched everyone else swim though the window while saying "daddy" and wanting him to come get her so she could swim too.

 Shopping at the Sioux Falls airport.  I have the earrings to match these keychains. 

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