Friday, November 15, 2013

I get excited and then I tell myself not to but I really am excited.

It's no secret that I love Christmas.

Last year we bought Elfaba, our Elf on the Shelf, "for the monkey" and I really hoped that C would hide the elf each day so that I could find her each morning.  That didn't happen.

You're all well aware that stores are rolling out Christmas right after Labor Day.  I usually do so well waiting to get into the Christmas spirit until after Thanksgiving, but for some reason this year it's so hard to wait. I'd like to blame it on having a child and being excited for her to really experience CHristmas, but I know it's really just my inner child.

So far I've been able to quell that excitement.  I haven't watched any Christmas movies. I haven't listened to Christmas music (well, a co-worker did so I eavesdropped and while my inner-self was saying "it's too early for that" but my inner-inner-self was so happy). I did ask C if we could watch Love Actually.  He said no.

I've thought about where all of our decorations will go (and where the things they will replace will go, i.e. Monkey's toys) and what foods to make, and music, and lights, and movies, and oh the joy!

I think I'll start a countdown until I can get excited.  The day after Thanksgiving seems too early so we'll go with that Sunday while we're on our way home from Charlotte.  We'll listen to Christmas music ALL DAY!!

15 Days

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